Screen Shots 

ThermoBot is a free Windows program to control your Honeywell WiFi Vision TH8320WF thermostat. The Honeywell thermostat (left) provides a web page for remote access (right). 


The ThermoBot program controls the thermostat's web page and thus your thermostat.  With program control, more complex and energy saving behavior can be realized.  Behavior which can be far beyond what is afforded on the simple web page interface.

  • Allows one to set separate turn on and turn off temperatures. A wide temperature range causes less cycling on and off. Less cycling makes for a more energy efficient system.
  • 'Kick' button control. Cycle system on even if turn on temperature has not yet been reached.
  • Logging of indoor / outdoor temperatures, control activity. 30 day record.
  • Convenient desk top access without web page time out and log off from no activity.
  • Set up an old desktop or laptop PC for continuous 24/7 operation.

Because ThermoBot is free, please consider making a donation.