Screen Shots 

Screen Shots

The ThermoBot program has two sections.  The right side contains the Total Connect Comfort web page.  This is the web page which controls your Honeywell thermostat.  The left side contains the ThermoBot status and controls.

When ThermoBot program control is set to Off one can make changes on the web page, on the right, normally.

When ThermoBot program control is set On the program will take control of the SetTo value. The SetTo value will be changed by ThermoBot as the Indoor temperature exceeds the high and low temperature range limits.

The web page Indoor, SetTo, and Outdoor temperatures on the web page are monitored by ThermoBot and and written into its log.  Similarly, the actions taken by ThermoBot are written into the log.

As opposed to setting a single temperature, the user sets the temperature High and Low Range values as desired. For example, consider when the system is set to cool.  When the indoor temperature goes above the High value, ThermoBot will turn the system on.  Likewise, when the indoor temperature goes below the Low value, ThermoBot will turn the system off.

The user clicks the On control button when ThermoBot is to take control of the web page, and thus the thermostat too.  The user clicks the Off control for ThermoBot to relinquish control of the web page.

The Weather tab summarizes the current outdoor conditions.

The Account tab is where the user enters the Total Comfort Connect account user name and password.

The Statistics tab summarizes system run-time statistical information.

The Log tab lists temperature changes and cycle on/off events.