Screen Shots 

FAQ - Operation

Question:  What are the steps to set up the system for operation?

  1. Install the Honeywell thermostat as described in the System Setup manual.  See the Honeywell product web page  for manuals.

  2. Choose your thermostat options as described in User Guide.

  3. Connect the thermostat to your WiFi network as described in the Quick Start Guide.

  4. Register and Create An Account  as also described in the Quick Start Guide.

  5. Start the ThermoBot program.


  6. Enter you account user name and password into ThermoBot.


  7. As you enter your account information it is also entered into the web page.


  8. Click the Login button.

    With the log in information entered, the program will log you in automatically in the future.

  9. Set the High and Low temperature range limits as desired.


  10. Click the On Control button for ThermoBot to begin controlling the thermostat.

    Edit the temperature schedule as desired.